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Vickie and Otto

Otto Reetz 

We are 100% volunteer run.  There are no paid salaries here.  We want to be very clear of that.  All monies raised is for the organization and it’s mission. 

Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin has been serving Wisconsin Veterans since 2015.  On January 1 2021 we became an independent 501c3 nonprofit and no longer needed to operate with the permission and id numbers of the original founder in Kansas. 

Otto Reetz is President and leader of this organization.  His passion to give back to others started on a hunting trip in Minnesota.  He met some veterans there who had many permanents injuries from war including multiple limb amputees.  Their spirit to continue their outdoor adventures inspired Otto start a chapter of his own in Wisconsin.   The original founder of the first Wounded Warriors United was based in Kansas and offered some guidance in the beginning but it was Otto’s passion and efforts to do everything he could to make this organization flourish.   

Otto has been hunting and fishing his whole life.  It is his passion.  So simply, he wanted to make sure any veteran in Wisconsin could feel empowered and inspired to get back into the outdoors when mental health challenges, physical struggles and others kept veterans from keeping active.   

He started off small.  The first fishing trip was a couple guides and handful of vets.  But that didn’t stop Otto from talking to everyone about the mission and reaching out to every veteran’s organization, hunting and fishing guides, donors, companies and volunteers to help. 

Nine years later Otto and his wife Vickie, work tirelessly 7 days a week.  The organization has grown in an amazing way due to their efforts and the wonderful support they have gotten along the way.  

Being a small organization, Wounded Warriors United is one of the most accomplished and active organization of its kind. 

You can reach Otto Reetz at 920.470.1845 or by email:  ottoreetz@sbcglobal.net

Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin is headquartered at their new retreat farm for veterans: Country Haven Farm at W14743 1st Avenue, Gleason Wi  54435

Vickie Reetz

We are 100% volunteer run.  There are no paid salaries here.  We want to be very clear of that.  All monies raised is for the organization and it’s mission. 

Vickie Reetz shares her passion for giving back to veterans and appreciates the benefits of being in the outdoors.  “It’s not the success of the day fishing or hunting, it’s the experience, the scenery, the quiet, the companionship”.   Her father was an avid trout fisherman, served on the Trout Unlimited board of directors, and built handmade cedar canoes.  Has duck hunted and deer hunted so Vickie was appreciative of what the value of hunting and fishing was.  

She sees what an impact the mission she shares and has grown with her husband and it motivates her to try to do more. 

Vickie’s background is in sales and marketing with focus on special events (expos, trade shows, event planning)  Having been in the business of selling radio advertising and working with WBAY TV in Green Bay running their shows, granted me the  opportunity to meet and be surrounded with many wonderful and inspiring people with great creativity and leadership qualities.  She transferred those skills to help build the “brand” of Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin.  “Today I am still blessed with the support of those successful and talented friends I have made over the years.  They have made a huge difference in how we have been able to tell people about what we do. 

While Otto focuses on coordinating hunting and fishing trips, Vickie is more in the background coordinating events, doing the marketing, managing the Facebook pages and the day to day operations. The mountains of thank you’s that are sent, calls for donations for raffles, and creating ways to generate revenue keep her busy 24/7. 

Her love of animals helped the couple to be inspired to take the massive leap of buying a 7.5 acre hobby farm so that they could create a retreat and getaway for veterans and their families 52 weeks a year. 

You can reach Vickie Reetz at 920.203.8692 or by email at vfrank1968@gmail.com

Vickie and Otto Reetz reside at Country Haven Farm – W14743 1st Ave, Gleason WI  54435