Volunteer with Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin

Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin is an all-volunteer organization. There are many ways you can offer your support. Volunteer participation is open to all.

You can help in lots of ways!  Do a fundraiser at your place of employment and ask for a company match, help us sell our annual raffle tickets, create your own fund raising event, help us get items donated for our big raffle and bucket raffles throughout the year.   
  • Volunteer to take a vet fishing on one of our fishing days
  • Volunteer to help at a fund raising event
  • Donate items for our raffles and silent auctions (these do not need to be outdoor products exclusively)

To volunteer as a boat captain, fill out the information below.

How to fill out this application

1. Fill out all information – remember each event must be applied to separately. Check your spelling of your email and phone number carefully
2. List the name of the event including any dates (this includes warriors on the water)
3. If you are signing up for warriors on the water click yes, then follow the additional question.
4. If you are not signing up for warriors on the water simply click no

If you sign up for one event, then click yes to also sign up for warriors on the water, or list multiple events on the form
It will be deleted.