Dear Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin,

I wanted to write a short letter to you in my appreciation for your organization. Your organization has simply made me whole again. I have felt more at peace with myself by being outdoors again. I had the pleasure of going on a Bear hunt in Idaho. Spending so much time in the forest just taking in all the sounds and scenery has brought so much clarity to my mind and soul. I really enjoy the fact that your organization is strictly for Wisconsin. It gives more of the military and veterans here in our state more opportunity to get out. Your organization has so much love for our Military and our Veterans. Thank you so much for what you do!

Thank you,
Paul Kruse
U.S. Army Veteran

To all my brothers and sisters:
Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin (WWUW) is by far a top notch organization to get us brother and sisters together for multiple bonding trips.  
I have been fortunate enough to do a couple with them and I leave the event so relieved.  I have been on pheasant hunts and fishing trips and had a great time at each one.  
Even though I have met these veterans for the first time, it’s seems like we have always known each other.  We have such a common bond no matter which branch of service we were in.  
WWUW (Otto) have put so much effort into bringing veterans together that I cannot thank them enough.
Thank you for everything you do for us veterans.  It is greatly appreciated.

With utmost respect,
Jim Hebda
Navy Vietnam Vet
Staying at Country Haven Farm was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with my children, enjoy each other’s company  in a stress free environment and have some fun in the clean air! My daughters loved getting to interact with the animals and we all had a blast getting out  on the trails.  It is peaceful, relaxing, and beyond words! 
Ed Beattie, Milwaukee