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Kyle Bishop

Kyle Bishop met Otto Reetz when Kyle was awarded a hog hunt in Tennessee with WWU of WI in 2020.  

Kyle and Otto really hit it off and became friends and more like family to Vickie and Otto.  He wanted to support the mission of Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin and has become an active and dedicated volunteer.  

Recently Kyle took it upon himself to get the organization into the Wisconsin Musky Expo in Rothschild. 

Being a passionate musky fisherman, Kyle knew that he could be very instrumental in helping raise funds for WWU of WI.  He secured a donated booth and from there and made history!  Through unstoppable effort, Kyle was able to get a massive donation of musky lures, custom musky pole and more.

The weekend of the first musky show in 2023 that package was retailed at over $2800.  We held a raffle for that show only and raised a record of over $6,000!   This would not have been possible without his hard work, great personality and dedication to making this successful.  Dozens of comments were made by so many of the companies at the expo on how they really liked Kyle and our mission and wanted to be a part of our give away and offer support.  

In October 2023 he hosted a weeklong Musky Fishing event at Whispering Winds in Minnesota on the beautiful Lake Vermillion.  Kyle worked tirelessly to ensure the veterans has a great time and created a new annual event for us to offer!  

Kyle is part of the WWU of WI family and we are so appreciative of his continued efforts and dedication. 

Thank you Kyle! 

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Robert Knapp

Robert Knapp is the owner of Dirt Knapp Outfitters Bear Guide Service and a dedicated and friend and “family member” to Otto and Vickie.  Rob met Otto on a Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin pheasant hunting trip several years ago.  

Otto was very impressed with Robert’s passion for the outdoors and his willingness to help us on veteran hunting and fishing trips when needed.  He has grown to be a dedicated and active supporter of the organization, representing us at events, fund raisers and networking with other veterans.  

He understands the importance of the mission and how it benefits the veteran when they are able to get into the outdoors and experience the camaraderie with other veterans.  

Rob is a valued and dedicated volunteer and we appreciate his help! 

Thank you Rob!


Jean Hoffman

I met Otto and Vicki Reetz when I visited County Haven Farm. I grew up in the area and wanted to see what the retreat and Wounded Warriors United of WI was all about.  They were so warm and welcoming.  I was immediately hooked on helping them with their dedication to and support for WI Vets.  The opportunities offered to Vets, that may not otherwise have the chance, are so beneficial.  WI Vets can sign up for free guided hunting and fishing trips or even a quiet get-away at County Haven. Otto and Vicki go out of their way to make sure every one is involved and included, no matter what accommodations may be needed. Volunteering with this group has been a great way to make new friends and learn more about the struggles many Veterans face daily.  WWU of WI can make a difference in the life of a Vet and you can help. Please get involved, contact Wounded Warriors United of WI or County Haven Farm on Facebook today!

Richard Daeske

Richard Daeske

The other day a person asked me why I volunteer with the Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin. There is an easy answer but a lengthy explanation.

I met Otto in April 2019 at an Agent Orange conference in Green Bay.  After listening to him talk about his dreams for Veterans to be able to hunt, fish, and camp to be able to relax, putting their PTSD behind them for a day or two. I took him at his word and investigated.

Turns out he and his spouse are for real.

What they offer to the Vet and families is just what he said they wanted to do.  Go on a hunt or fishing on the Great Lakes or just chilling on the “Country Haven Farm”.

The farm is fantastic to relax, enjoy a bonfire, or watch the children and grandchildren socializing with the domesticated farm animals.

That’s why I volunteer!

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Stephanie and Jeff Jackson

We met Otto and Vickie 2 years ago while volunteering for another Veteran organization.

Jeff is a Veteran, so organizations like WWUW are close to our hearts. So many of our Veterans are lost in the system or forgotten; which makes what Otto and Vickie do so important. They are showing Veterans that they are not forgotten by helping them experience the outdoors, camaraderie with other Veterans and volunteers and providing a safe sanctuary to just get away and relax.

Part of what has drawn us to WWUW is their selflessness and willingness to devote so much of their daily lives to provide these opportunities to our WI vets.

Volunteering is our way of giving back to the men and women who so selflessly gave for us. We can’t think of a better way than to help Otto and Vickie with WWUW and Country Haven Farm.